Japan will be the pioneer market to help NFT become popular in Asian countries including Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, etc.

We — conteNFT hope with our helpful service we can make it easier for global users to access and monetize from NFT

At least one out of four cryptocurrency investors in Japan had an experience of holding nonfungible tokens (NFTs), according to a new survey.

Major Japanese crypto exchange BitBank conducted an online survey diving into the NFT investment trends in the Japanese cryptocurrency market.

Releasing the survey results on Thursday, BitBank…

conteNFT offers a decentralized social network, including an NFT marketplace platform for the creation, purchase, sale, exchange, or modification of unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs), implemented on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain (and other blockchains which will be integrated in the future) using smart contracts. conteNFT only provides a Platform to…


conteNFT is a new NFT social network platform where people can easily Create - Trade - Earn and Enjoy

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