A new way to get profit from your content?

As content creators, surely you have thought about monetizing the interesting and fun content you have created? But the problem is that currently most of the content creators on major platforms like YouTube or TikTok only get profit from advertising. However, in some regions/countries, these two companies stipulate that the amount of advertising paid to content creators is quite low. In addition, after content creators post their content on these two platforms, it often happens that their content is copied and reposted by others on some other platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter as if it were content those people have created.

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To solve these problems, conteNFT is proud to present an NFT marketplace platform born to empower content creators to contribute their content and generate profits by selling their content. They will have a digital ownership certificate of their content. Not only that, but they can also get royalties percent each time their content is resold if they want. Most importantly, we will award conteNFT’s active content creators and content buyers 60.000CONT weekly. This CONT token can be swapped into money or used for voting platform upgrade/moderation or enjoying utilities on conteNFT.

NFT is a blockchain technology that can allow users to mint their content into a unique token that contains their content. So it’s a digital certification of ownership and authenticity of that content. So, content creators won’t have to worry about content being copied anymore. And from now, they can sell their content to people who want to own it for a commensurately high price. As a Decentralized platform, conteNFT’s fees will be extremely low compared to other centralized content trading platforms. Because you know, centralized platforms often have to run on a network that is rented expensively and has to pay a lot of money for platform development as well as staff salaries.


According to CNN, the memorable and meme-able YouTube video “Charlie bit my finger,” one of the most viewed videos in the website’s history, was auctioned off as a non-fungible token, or NFT, on Sunday for a stunning $760,999 and is set to be deleted from YouTube, according to a website set up by the Davies-Carr family. The video remained on YouTube as of Sunday morning.

So as you can see, content creators now can make money from selling their content as NFT with a huge amount of money if it goes viral.

We also think about the concern of content viewers, they often want to focus on entertainment with quality and interesting content. Still, when using platforms like YouTube, the ads are super annoying. Repeatability advertisements often appear to interrupt and unfavorably affect the user experience. If they want to get rid of these spamming ads, they have to pay an expensive fee to be upgraded to premium users. When coming to conteNFT, content viewers will enjoy the freshest and most interesting content from extremely talented content creators continuously without any disruptions, helping content viewers feel like coming to an entertainment paradise.

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